High cadence ride.

Total distance: 48.75 km
Total climbing: 196 m
Average speed: 27.87 km/h
Average cadence: 100
Total Time: 01:46:58

Goal for today was to keep high cadence at any cost. Considering my average cadence is around 85~86 on all rides throughout of the year, high cadence for me is somewhere in proximity of 100.
On todays training, with virtually zero elevation, i succeeded in averaging 99rpm on a ~50K ride. Not bad… If i actually work myself to average 95rpm on my “in season” rides i would consider these winter sessions a big success.
Today was mild winter weather, i even would dare to say quite nice for a time of the year even for Dutch standards. Very little wind, temps around 5C… only downside is of course darkness! Riding in the dark is not my favorite thing.
During the ride i felt quite good. Of course the fact that my only task was to keep high cadence (and not high cadence in combination with low gear ratio) played big part in “feeling good”.
I did notice that my muscles were reaching lactate threshold almost immediately with every effort to do some intervals. I didn’t force myself out of comfort zone today, well, very little maybe. Sustaining ~105rpm cadence for almost 2 hours was demanding on my cardiovascular system as it is.


“Gelerijders” route.

Total distance: 97.08 km
Total climbing: 594 m
Average speed: 29.02 km/h
Average cadence: 88
Total Time: 03:30:07

Seriously tough ride… let me put it this way – with some 15Ks to go i seriously have considered to stepping off the bike and walking home. I was tired, my (leg) muscles ached, i felt so hungry i could tear baby ribs from Fat Bastards hands.
I haven’t felt so out of shape sins… well end of this season, when i was depleted from all my energy levels. Even after having taken whole month off the bike i haven’t recovered fully it seems.
Fact that i never actually got really good night sleep during that “off month” showed me once again importance of good rest.
Having sad that one of the most important goals this month is getting to bed in time, trying get at least 7 hours of sleep.
Ride started off quite easy with tailwind pushing me forwards for almost third of the way. Along the way at some 35K mark i got taken over by group of riders. 7 or 8 youngsters, no older than 16~20 years old i would say. They were going at quite high pace, but not high enough to make impossible for me to ride along. I was doing my best, and i think i have succeeded, to not “stand in the way” of their training. It’s not a nice feeling when you are training with a groep and some loner who doesn’t know specifics of your group tags along.
Real difficulties started when i hit the hills of Posbank. Maaaan… i could not get going, i mean hills are newer my strongest suit, but today… just wow… i got taken over by couple of guys i have dropped few Ks back. They were probably looking at me and saying – “isn’t is that guy who was trying to impress us by going full gas few Ks back? Look at him now!”.. i must say though – i caught them again in descent!.. hehe.
After suffering on Posbank i descended into city of Arnhem, with “formerly tailwind” now turned full frontal on me. That was the end of the swan song. All the way from Arnhem to home i had to putt all my effort not to step off the bike and call my wife asking her to pick me up. Only knowing that she wasn’t able to do that made me pedal till the end. With only one thought on my mind – “FOOD!!!”

till next time

PS Check out beautiful Nationaal Park Veluwezoom (“Posbank” in common language) on the openstreetmaps.